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Full Version: Content Building : Properties of an Ideal Content Page
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For good search engine optimization of a website it is very important to build a rich content. But often it is seen that webmasters builds rich content but does not optimize their page which results in low traffic or sudden drop of traffic.

A friend of mine who is also a hobby-blogger, he always keeps me saying that he is writing content for a too long time but not getting considerable amount of traffic. He requested me to have look in his site, when I looked down to his site I was quiet surprised to see that his content is good but his webpages are not quite well optimized. Then when I optimized some of his webpages as he requested me to do so, the traffic rise in considerable amount.

As this is a problem for all webmasters that they build content and does not know how to optimize their pages, or simply does not do so as they thinks it to be unimportant. Today, I am writing about the “Properties of an Ideal Content Page” which a website owner must keep in mind while building content :

- While, writing any post you should need focus in one topic or one product only. Do not merge several topics in one post. This may confuse the visitor or rather irritate the visitor.
- Be hyper-relevant to your selected topic. Build the content which is actually about the topic. Do not mention off-shore terms.
- Include the subject in your heading / title of your webpage.
- Include the subject in your webpage url.
- Include the subject in the meta-description of your webpage.
- Try to specify the subject several times in your webpage content.
- If your webpage contain any images then provide your subject in the alt text.
- Link back to your category and sub-category pages of your website.
- Provide a link which links back to your homepage of your website. This may be the logo of your site.
- And, the last but not the least always try to build unique content for your site.
Nice post. I just want to add one point that good and relevant internal linking is also a very important element of an Ideal content page too. It can be done in many ways such as putting links which are relevant in the text content, posting related topics by side, posting hot or trending topics in the sidebars etc.
The loading speed of content page is also really important factor in my opinion. Search engines along with the visitors like those pages which loads quickly. And also a content page is solely for information distribution so I will also recommend to avoid annoying pop-ups or interstitial ads.
Very nice informative post. Thanks.Smile