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Full Version: Measuring Content Marketing Effectiveness
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How to measure content marketing effectiveness precisely? Can any body provide me some ideas.
Measuring content marketing effectiveness is a very important part of any online business.
First of all you have to set up goals for each and every thing such as visitors, unique visitors, traffic from search engines, referral traffic, engagement of the traffic to your site, getting conversions and having profit from it.
Once you set up goals now you have to distribute your content properly via PPC, SMO etc or any other means.
After you have distributed the content its time to track them that how they are all working, try and test new ideas and methods by changing the parameters until you haven't reached you goal. After reaching it you must not give up, try to improve your content, stay updated and try new & new methods to outreach your clients. Always remember its not that hard to get sales but its hard to keep up the sales in a daily basis.
I think tracking all the outcomes such as page views, engagement, bounce rate and at last the conversions of one's content is the way to measure a content's effectiveness.