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Full Version: What to put in headlines?
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Is it preferable to put exact match kw's in headlines or just put some match kw's with keeping meaning of header same?

The reason I am asking this question because will putting exact kw's put you in the suspect list of Google. Won't they will look into you as you were trying to manipulate the SERP's?
Over stuffing of kw's can be an issue. But nonetheless putting exact match kw's cannot cause any harm.

If the page is represented by the keyword in a perfect way then don't bother to think about what Google will think of you?? Build content for your audience and not for search engines.
Either you put it directly or indirectly, the ultimate goal of your headlines looks need to be natural.
That's all!!
I am no expert. But this I can tell you. Just don't make your headlines look gibberish.
Stuffing of keywords into your content is not advisable. But that does not mean you cannot post keywords in your content.
Keeping loosely similar keywords in your blog will help.
And try variations in your content as well.
To answer in short there is nothing wrong with putting keywords in your headings.
Use branding keyword in your heading tag but don't stuff KW.
Make sure that the keyword you use must be long-tail keyword not short.

For example: If you are writing about "content marketing" then make your headline like this "Top 7 ways to improve your content marketing" or "how to prepare a useful content marketing strategy" instead of writing just "content marketing".

Long-tail keywords easily gets ranked in Google and other search engine platforms.