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Full Version: Press Release Distribution Services
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Looking for PR distribution sites. If anybody has any information regarding any good PR distribution sites then provide please. And also how much exposure should I be expecting along with link backs. If that information is also provided then it will be utmostly helpful.

Thanks in advance.
Link back's, don't know how much you will get. Because there is no guarantee to that but exposure is a different thing. If you spend atleast $500 or so then you shall get all the exposure you need.

Try services like erealeses or newswire. (Remember these are US based PR services)
I myself prefer erealeses.
No sure-shot way exists about getting exposure through Press releases.
It is not a dependable way of getting exposure.
You cannot even tell whether it works in your favor if it works in the first place.
Businesswire and PRweb are the ones that will help you but don't keep high expectations.