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Full Version: How much perecentage of money do you guys spend on Instagram & Pinterest?
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How much money do you guys spend or specifically to ask how much percentage of the total ad campaign? Do you guys spend in pinterest and Instagram marketing?If you guys know that your audience can be targeted through these social networks.

The reason I am asking this query because I have got a great product which can targeted for the high school kids or even college going ones. But I am not sure whether the traffic from these networks will be good.

Because even though I know the audience is right there. But I still doubt it. As, everyone around me keep telling that traffic from social networks are only good for exposure and not conversions. So, I should be investing more on general purpose ads and spend the least amount of money in them?
I think the answer you should be looking for is that on those networks your audience reside, correct? So, are they serious enough to buy? Or, they just reside there?

You shouldn't worry about the percentage of your total campaign budget. It can be lifted up or down as per you wish anytime.

My suggestion will be a that create a small campaign for Instagram & Pinterest, and see how it goes. Like a survey. I am assuming that you already have your landing page and other things ready. Then why wait? Create a campaign throw it your audience.
The first and last rule of business. You shouldn't get bothered by people's words. You should do whatever you see fit and if it works for you (& your business) then who cares about what others are speaking?!!