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Full Version: Advantages of using Linkedin Publishing Platform
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Many webmasters and SMO experts are saying that Linkedin is a very good platform to publish content. I want to know that what exactly are the benefits of it.
Yeah, there are some advantages that can't be denied. Such as:
- Linkedin gives you the maximum outreach to the most targeted audience without any problem.
- Links from Linkedin bio profiles to your Google Plus or twitter account increases immensely your authority as a writer.
- Content Marketing through Linkedin is the best in business now-a-days.
- As it has most targeted audience so it also helps to bring most targeted traffic to your site. You just have to put a links in the post.
I totally agree with admin. I had published some of my articles in Linkedin along with the link back to my sites. The traffic came from those articles are highly targeted and also they gave me conversions of about 20%, and not only that I earned much money from adsense through that traffic. These articles are outreached to the audience in such a manner that no other platform had ever did for me. It increased my authority as a content writer too.