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Full Version: Adchoices vs Adsense
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What is the basic difference between Adchoices and Adsesne? I heard these two terms a lot. I know that Adsense is from Google. But when I search I see a lot of mentioning of Adchoices too. Is this the new name for Adsense or used by Adsesne for any special cases?
To my understanding.

AdChoice is a self-regulatory program practiced by advertisers represented by a small triangle icon marked ad choices placed on their ads or web pages. Once you click the icon, it leads to a pop-up where you have the control over the ads that are being shown based on your line of interests. Adchoice is regulated by other advertisers and has directly to do with controlling which type of ads you want to appear.
Are there eCPM rates different?
Google AdSense is run by google and is used to all publishers to serve advertisement that are targeted to site content or media.

Adchoices are used to make you see relevant ads. With adchoices, you will be able to see the information of interests being used in advertisement. You can place Your AdChoices Icon beside your ads and it will help you know when the information of interest is being collected and used in other advertisements.