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Full Version: AMP version of your page, is it worth spending time & effort??
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Say, if your site has very fast mobile loading page's where you score above 85 or 90 in Google PageSpeed Insight. Is it worth spending time and effort in creating good AMP page's for your websites?

When it comes to rankings how does these AMP pages score against those mobile optimized page's who score more than 85 or 90 in Google's PSI?
Usually AMP page's will rank better in many situations. But since these mobile pages are very well optimized so its very hard to say which is going to outrank who.

In SEO there is nothing called to be perfect optimization. Sometimes you just outrank somebody because you are faster and sometimes you just outrank somebody because your content (or whatever your page is serving) is good even though your loading speed is sh*t.

So, in my opinion if you have time then make use of it, create as much as AMP pages. Its not like that they are going to harm you. The fact is that if you have them you will only end up getting some advantage from them.
I agree with here.

If you have resources to spare then go ahead. It certainly may not give you advantage in this case but they might in the near future.

And with more & more sites converting to AMP you might eventually have to convert as well so why delay?!
As I have much less time. So, I will change one by one. Considering all are already fast loading.