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Full Version: Content Spinners or Real Writers
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Which ones are actually helpful?
Ofcourse real writers are always helpful.

Content spinners, no matter how costly and sophisticated tool it may be still it will always be a program. Content is for humans so it has to be written in the hand of a human.
Content spinners are more or less useless. Even if somehow some service works. Sooner or later it will be de-indexed by search engines.
Real writers!
content writers write content with full of information using targeted keywords.
A real content writer is the best option to grow your content visibility fast.
Thanks for the responses.. Smile
spinner lacks logic a lot by twisting words
(01-20-2020, 05:42 AM)cc1 Wrote: [ -> ]Which ones are actually helpful?

Its Real writers  you must consult.
but few experienced writers or you can say experienced SEO experts can provide you the best Content by Spinning and manually having some changes.
Obviously, Real Writers will better any spin tools.
(01-20-2020, 05:42 AM)cc1 Wrote: [ -> ]Which ones are actually helpful?
Real writers are more helpful for writing articles. rather than spinners. Artificial intelligence (AI) or pre-programmed algorithms are used by article rewriter programs to alter the structure of an existing article. They may substitute synonyms for words, rearrange phrases, paraphrase, and even reorganize entire paragraphs to produce original material.
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