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Full Version: Changing Domain Registrar with zero downtime!!
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I am trying to change my domain registrar. They are charging me around $15 or so for some of our domains which I am seeing that other services charge less than $10.

Its presently in Bluehost now and I am changing them to Namesilo. So, is that even possible? To change registrar without any down time?
Most certainly is possible. Many webmasters do it everyday.

You just need to know the basic steps of it and how do it the right way.

Follow this article:

And also remember that if your using WHOIS privacy for your domain then you have to remove it before any thing.

If you are still not in the clear about this. Then just search for videos in Youtube. There plenty of clips for namesilo alone.
Many thanks .

And one more query. The old registrar and the new one both, they will notify me on each step of the process, right? The reason I am asking because I have registered with two separate email ids.
I would suggest that keep an eye on both of your email accounts.