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Full Version: Does Facebook Ads really gets conversions?
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Everybody is saying that we should facebook sponsored ads to get conversion is B2C Marketing. Should I invest in it? Share your experiences please.
It actually varies according to the kind of project in hand. You can't know unless you try it. My advice will be to invest in it in a minimum amount say $10 per day. If you get good results then you can invest more.
Yeah, they gets conversions for sure. I has used them and also willing to use them in the future. I was building an email list back then and need signups they increased it by 150% within 7 days just by investing $25.
Facebook ads are a very powerful tool. There are so many options for marketers, it is a bit like flying the space shuttle for many of us. Images are the first thing that Facebook users will see. Making an assumption that you know what image will get your Facebook ad clicked on the most is a bad idea.