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Full Version: Buying VPS in a yearly basis!!
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I am getting coupon discount this Christmas that if I buy an yearly package then I will get discount about 85%. Now, I am thinking what should I do? What do you guys think?
People don't usually buy annual plans. Because their site may not be needing the resources like now as of after one year.

Say, you bought a VPS with 4GB RAM and then after a few months your traffic rose exponentially. Then after 6 months period you will need 8GB to handle the traffic. VPS plans are non refundable so do the math.

But it all comes again to your site and how much money you are actually going to save if you bought the VPS now.
@WK is correct.

If you think that the VPS can provide all the need of yours for a year then go ahead. 85% is not a thing that you get everyday. If you have more than one site then you can also make use of it by assisting (or hosting in this case) for them.

Say, you are seeing a huge spike in traffic. And you have to buy another VPS for the concerned site Then you can simply put the site into the new VPS and move another site that fits into it.