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Full Version: Is the advertisers loosing their faith over Adwords?
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I am hearing a lot of advertisers and eMarketers decreasing their budgets because Google is charging way more per clicks and all. Some are complaining about non converting traffic. And publishers are seeing a rise in eCPM, does this mean that people are loosing their cool on Adwords?

What do you guys think?
In my opinion, the future will only tell what is going to happen.

Right now!! With these behavior from Google certainly they are not earning any trust.
Its a topic of discussion among all the web marketers right now.

The thing is PPC is griped strongly by Adwords. In order for people to dump Adwords they in short need to dump the PPC model instead.
Well you are not wrong .

Advertisers are now more and more focusing on getting the job done (sales), rather than just getting exposure (brand awareness). A few years earlier once you have some exposure, search engines will throw traffic to you anyway, that's the theory. But now you have to keep the money flowing in order to get traffic.

So, profit margin has fallen considerably. Which in return has forced the advertisers to spend on getting the actual job done which is sales.