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Full Version: What facts help you determine that you can continue testing an ad campaign?
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Say, if your are testing banner ads and you have a goal of 1% conversions out of 1000 clicks or so. And after running the test you see that you have failed to get even the 1% conversions. Then will you continue to test with more clicks or will you work on the lp and sales pages etc?
I don't understand the point of your query here. If the banner ad has already sent 1000 clicks that you needed then why should it be needed for testing?? Huh!!

If you are not getting sales then its time to look into your landing page, delivery system & page's along with final sales page.

Its a certain fact at this point will be that there is something wrong with these above mentioned pages and not with your banner.
Actually the title is misleading. It should be about not getting conversions.