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Full Version: B2B Marketing via Emails, is enough to get sales??
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B2B Marketing works great via Emails, right? But here is my query is emails alone can create conversions for any product?

Is there any way to determine that the emails alone will be enough?
Alone!!?? Yeah sure why not?? It is possible.

Determining it??!! It is also simple. Just check that you are targeting the right audience or not. If those subscribers can be customers than emails should be enough.
Yes email are enough. And if you get sales then yes if not then no.Tongue
Thanks for the humor Batman. If there is no way to determine rather than emailing them.

Then, how do you guys propose I should proceed??!!
What do you mean "how do you guys propose I should proceed??"

If you have genuinely collected the emails the start by greeting emails. Or, just thank you mail if they only have subscribed.
Only emails not enough to increase your product sale. Social media is a big way to increase your product awareness and sale. SEO increase your product reaches among your customers.