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Full Version: Is anyone here using Exponential?
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Is anyone here using exponential (formerly Tribal Fusion)?? Or, have any kind of experience with them? I was just wondering that they accept applications from publishers for 50k and above right? If a publisher has so much traffic then why don't he or she go and sell ads on their own. It will make far more revenue.
I have some experience with them. Coming to your query, its a network only for premium advertisers and publishers. You may even have 100k visits per month still if you don't comply with all of their policies they will reject you.

For publishers it is usually the money because it is the only network that pays equal or more than adsense. Large site owners put a slot for it in their any page because it means headache free steady money which in the case of direct ads you can't confirm.
Truth to be told it has its merits and de-merits.

If you have that much traffic and you know its targeted in your niche. Then simply sell ads, the money that you will earn as an extra will be worth the headache that Brian mentioned.

Personally, I don't like them because if you have so much things filtered. Then you don't have a quite an open market specially for advertisers. No matter how much premium traffic you provide.
Exactly I was thinking it . If they have so much small club of elite publishers then there advertisers also has to be handful because its a small guess that the bids will go much higher. Which is return just make the market smaller.
Applied twice and got rejected both times. Been with adsense, adversal and adclerks since then.
Adsense works just fine. And to OP I say that look into BSA if you have high traffic.