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Full Version: How would you react to this?
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An app after being made public gets a tons of downloads the first week and in the second week it falls to zero. Its not that the app has got bad reviews or people not liking it. Its in trend and there is no issue with the App store too. Then what shall be reason?
Are you sure that its not getting copied or reproduced somehow? It looks like people have downloaded it and spreading it on their own rather than downloading it from the app store.
Have you not secured the app's code from copying or distributing?

You better contact your attorney and check with your developers how more fiercely you can preserve your rights and ownership of the app.
Yes I have abut then also its happening.
(10-12-2019, 06:01 AM)designhub Wrote: [ -> ]Yes I have abut then also its happening.

You haven't done it right. Get it checked. Use a code which will be able to limit the app from installing more than one time. It will ask to download from source or will want a new fresh copy.
This is unexpected. There might be some issue in the App. Did you solve the app issue? Is it working fine now ?
Got it fixed with the help of . He is the real expert.
(05-11-2020, 03:01 PM)designhub Wrote: [ -> ] Got it fixed with the help of . He is the real expert.