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Full Version: Infograph or Video for a tutorial?
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Make both. It is called COntent recycling. You are creating two different formats for your users.
Let the users decide which one to consume.
Both are great.
Traffic will increase if people get an option to take information from you.
Allow people to download the infograph after watching the video, as a souvenir.
I think you can make a video for the tutorial. This is an effective way to write in details, You can make popular by doing YouTube SEO and share it on Social Media sites.
Video is the best way for a tutorial. A large audience likes to gain any information through a video. So video is better than an infographic.
I think Video Tutorial is better than Infographics. You can share your every thought by Video.
Do not be so choosy, if you have both of them then you can go for both. Yes, it is true the video absolutely increases your engagement. But infographics have their own value. If you have both go for both.
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