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Full Version: A newly purchased list, what actions do you perform?
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What actions do you perform to a newly purchased? You know before starting to market it.
Checking will be the first step whether they addresses in it is live or not.
Are there any good service for it?
(10-01-2019, 04:55 AM)iamjust Wrote: [ -> ]Are there any good service for it?

Just google it you will find plenty. Use services like email-checker or never bounce.
After checking then what?
Interact with them. If you have no idea what to do then why would you spend money and buy the list?
Throw them greetings email, ask their feedback or so. Just make sure you are likable and the list doesn't become dead.
What should be the frequency on sending emails here?
It can be any number you like. But usually people prefer twice or once a week.