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Full Version: Is Content Marketing loosing its grip??
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With all the algo updates and what not!!! Do you guys think that Content Marketing is loosing its grip??

I mean we see that every day sites with more and more crappy content to be getting ranked.
If you think its over then actually you are over!!!
LOL dude!!

Google is pushing now the hardest to remove thin and useless content from the SERP's and you are asking about content's grip??!!

You really need some blessed information.
If you are content marketer then I will say that its you who is loosing grip.Tongue
Content whether it is written as text or shown as video or infograph. People search the net for it. So, just ask yourself why it is going to loose its grip?
Well, it's controversial. But it's still alive, The old ways of doing content marketing are dead, but not the practice itself. It’s not enough to simply toss your content up on a blog and wait for followers. You need to make yourself known with a killer content marketing strategy.
Content marketing is still effective to get traffic on a website or blog. You can post content in articles, web2.0, guest blogging sites.
Content marketing makes your website more visible to your audience. With the help of content marketing, you can draw huge traffic to your site or business. Content marketing never loosing its grip.
No, content marketing is a great way for digital marketing like SEO. If you have any music website and want to promote soon then you can take help of content writer. Content is king.
Although some believe content marketing is a simple undertaking, many marketers are still battling to grasp the concept altogether.
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