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Full Version: [Reviewed] Languavel - Language/Travel Discussion Forum
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1. Title - Languavel
2. URL - <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
3. Category - Education/Travel
4. Site Type - (For example : Forum / Blog / Site) FORUM
5. Description - Languavel was established to provide a central location for all language and travel enthusiasts and share their thoughts and opinions about topics we are all passionate about. We strive to improve our community every day. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Your forum has been accepted. And it will be reviewed soon.
motionz Wrote:Your forum has been accepted. And it will be reviewed soon.

Thank you for your help with this. Smile
I am unable to see your entire forum. It says it is under maintenance so here is a review which I can give you on this short look.
Domain Authority - 19
Page Authority - 29
Majestic Citation Flow - 40
Majestic Trust Flow - 15
Ahref url Rank - 18
Ahref Domain Rank - 40
Backlink count (referring domains) according to Ahref - 21


Your forum is well designed. There is nothing I can speak about it. Its very professional and well build. Although it looks good but when it comes to first impression of your forum it lacks some elements. Your forum is empty, you don't have much sub-forums and categories. Ask to yourself that why you will join your forum. At first fill it up with different posts, discussions, tutorials etc.

And by just taking one look I can say that you are showing too much information about your forum on the landing page. You don't have to show visitors which other visitors are present at your forum right now. Yeah, you can show that but when your forum had already been popular and have many visitors at a time.

Your banner and logo are just fine. I liked them very much. They are very appropriate according to your forum. Coming to colors and styles you are using a light colored background image so I will suggest that for the forum structure you can use a deep color, it will be very eye catchy. The forum images are good but personally I don't think that the feedback sub-forum should have a crown image in it.

Site Navigation and SEO

Your forum is easy to navigate but the loading speed of it is too high. It is due to the various high graphics in your forum. Try to loose some. It will ease up the navigation.

Coming to SEO, your on-page factors needs some focus. Your forum has a very short meta description and lacks enough tags. I can see that the number of pages indexed in the search engines are also low. So, build more content and create food for the search spiders to index. Off-page factors of your site needs some serious attention you must get some quality backlinks, your backlinks are nor much and neither from your niche. So, try to get links from your relevant niche. They will help you rank well in the SERP's.

These are some factors which I have noticed. As, your forum is under maintenance these all I can say right now.
Thank you so much for your feedback. We will definitely take your thoughts into consideration.
Thanks for the feedback! Any other comments? The forum is working now. Wink

We have reached 7,000 posts, and added a new tabs system! We are trying something new- a language/cultural "party".You are welcome to join-!
Any more feedback would be greatly appreciated as we are always trying to improve our community.
Your forum will be analyzed once again. As soon as possible.
Thank you we would really appreciate that. Smile
Well most of all points have been already told by 'batman'. But I am adding my view of it.

- Your forum looks good but in the content wise views it looks empty. So, try developing more and more content.
- Your forum has a unique view as you have highlighted the sub-forums in page style. It good to be unique but make sure that new visitors who does not have much knowledge in forums get confused. There are many internal linking methods to highlight your other sub-forums in the main page so use them. You can do that by creating a side bar or other navigational bars.
- The forum navigation is good but is seems that the speed of loading and browsing is slow which can be a very problem for the users who have slow internet connections. So, look onto it.
- Your backlink count is really low. So try to get some quality links.
- As forum is new I will ask that how are you promoting your forum to grow? In my opinion it also lacks promotion so consult any professional or any user who have previous experience in handling forums. It might help you.

Hope these points help you.
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