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Full Version: Javascript theme or of other languages
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Okay I have two version of my site which I can apply in order to make the site responsive. One is made of javascript and the other one is part of many languages along with HTML. The later on is very easy to manage though because many developers and involved so management and customiztions are pretty easy for users. Which one should I choose?
You can choose whatever you want. I will just advice that choose the one which is easy to manage and upgrade over the period of time. And also has the lowest loading speed. Navigation and other theme-template related issues, I am assuming that they are all same in both cases.
I had this issue a while back. I choose the theme which has better and stable support group. Loading speed and other factors can be easily changed but the human support is irreplaceable.
More or less the loading speed of both of them are the same.
Then choose the one which is easily manageable by you.
(09-09-2019, 05:32 AM)ksmith29 Wrote: [ -> ]Then choose the one which is easily manageable by you.

And also has great support.