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Full Version: Site is loading fine in tablet but not in mobile
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One of our site which wasn't mobile optimized, well did optimize it through Bootstrap. Now here is the problem. When the site is opening from tab or small screen computers it is loading and running fine. But when browsed through mobile it is showing problem why is that?
I am assuming that you have done the optimizations yourself. Yeah it may happen but it doesn't need any special requirements. There are parameters in the code which my guess is limited you have to expand them or make them unlimited if needed. You better get the code checked by a programmer.
Instead of using bootstrap to a site, its preferred that you change the theme to a responsive one. Bootstrap is good and easy to use but it can also get messy easily. As suggested earlier the parameters aren't right probably, so you better get it checked or learn how to do it yourself.
Me and a friend of mine did it. We thought that it would be pretty cool. Since we didn't wanted to spend money on buying a theme.