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Full Version: Changing domain without making any 301 redirects
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After the June update our traffic rate fell to a terrible amount. Some of our competitors sites also fell during that time. But as the many more recent updates going on their traffic is seem to rise. But ours is not. It is looking that we have got our penalized.

So, here what I am thinking if I put all of my content to a new domain and 301 redirect them from this present domain. It is possible that the penalty will be passed on to the new one too. But the articles are of very high quality so I don't wanna loose them. Is there any option of doing it without making any 301 redirects?

I am open to all kind of suggestions here.
You are being impatient here. Many sites hasn't recovered yet. If every now and then you tend to change your entire site due to some fluctuations then you won't be able to ran a site successfully.
How's the new update been to you?
(08-02-2019, 08:14 AM)avinash Wrote: [ -> ]How's the new update been to you?

Not much. Its been more or less same for me.

Okay, so I have to be patient!! But for how long??
Atleast a week or so.
Ok, thanks for the input.
(08-08-2019, 07:53 AM)lamhik21 Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, thanks for the input.

From what I am seeing now. You might have to wait longer than that (as suggested earlier).
Yeah I figured. I have been doing some reading regarding this in other forums and blogs.