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Full Version: Getting Maximum CTR from tweets
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How to get maximum CTR from my tweets? About only 1% of our tweets are really seen by our followers so the CTR is also less than that. How to increase it? Anybody any tips that might help.
Here are some tips:

- Use # tags in your tweets, using keywords relevant to your tweet topic.
- Use @ tag to refer to any particular follower or followers.
- Set up the correct tweeting time. Tweet when your users are maximum online. Tweets at the end of the day, weekends tend to have more CTR rate so use it.
- More followers means more exposure so get new followers every now and then, and it will increase your CTR.
- Use images.
- Put the links in the early part of your tweets rather than the end.
- Use verbs more than noun, in your tweets.
Use interesting words in your tweets, put links first before in your message body, also use # and @ to define relevant words and to specific users, along with them maintain the timing of your tweets.
Jumping into current trending topics and being an active part of the conversation in your niche can also increase your CTR.
I got my maximum CTR fro @ and # tags. But the point must be noted that the hashtags have to be super relevant.