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Full Version: Too relevant for a kw or search term
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How would you guys define a product page to be too relevant for a kw or specific type of search to get de-indexed by Google?
I don't know what's your situation but one thing I will tell you. To be de-indexed your page has to be ridiculous.

As long as the content of the page doesn't look like automated or robotic to read, or completely gibberish. De-indexing doesn't occur.
You have to be a complete a**hat to get it that's for sure.

People who spam and I am not talking about clueless marketing efforts or selling attempts. I am talking about spammers who are so lazy or clueless that they think if they create just a site or a blog then within a week or two they will become millionaires. Those people mainly suffer this problem.
Well thanks for the straight response guys. Really appreciate it.