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Full Version: What text editor do you prefer?
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What text editor do you prefer?
For what?? Code or content??

For code Atom is preferable and for content any good text editor will do including plain notepad.
Writing content obviously.
I prefer Notepad++. It can handle codes as well as other things. You can just use it for writing purposes also as its not too high end.
I just write anywhere if I had to wherever I find space. Getting good ideas is the most important things.
I don't know why people keep suggesting the Atom to me. Its loading speed is terrible.
Many web professionals get their start with Notepad, the text editor that's included with Windows. This makes sense, because Windows is a popular operating system and the included text editor is easy to access. If you're comfortable with Notepad but you're ready to step things up a bit, you might enjoy Notepad++
Many text editors are good.
I have personally used:
1. Focus Writer
2. Grmamarly
3. Evernote
4. MS Word

Out of them, the best was Focus Writer.
It never allows clutter to stay on the screen and thus makes your content neat, clean, light and fills up whitespace into it.
What else can you expect from a text editor.
Many text editors are good.
I prefer some editor. such as-
1. Google Docs
2. MS Word
3. FocusWriter
4. ProWritingAid
You can try MS Word for offline use and Google Docs for online use.
Well, i prefer MS Word, Grammerly and in WordPress Classic Editor.
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