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Full Version: Understanding a new Market
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Targeting a new audience can be a lot of work specially in a new field. How do you guys do it? I mean do you guys assume any hypothetical persona about any ideal client and then deal with it step by step.

From what I see that either you can go to the market and target the audience according to their interests, problems, needs etc. Or, you can go check on your competitors how they are doing things.
Assuming any ideal persona will bring out the worst. You have to consider real people, based on real extensive (as well as actionable) data. One demographics of one country will not be the same as another country of another demographics. You have to talk to real people. In some (or many) cases original version of any product also need change and upgrading according to the people its supposed to target. I can go on and on. But the main point is what said in the previous few lines. I hope you get it.