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Full Version: Are the links sole factor for rankings?
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I am seeing that a lot of people are talking about it. So, I am confused now after reading all the posts in this forum and ofcourse other forums as well.
Sole factor no but the most important factor yeah.
Google suggests that a site's overall link score (arguably the biggest ranking signal) is made up by individual quality scores passed on to it by every incoming link. That literally means that more links will result in a higher score — as long as they aren't link schemes, of course.
Yes, a backlink is the most important factor to increase your website ranking shortly. High quality backlinks is more important.
No, Links are not the only factor that helps to rank a website/page.
It is important but there are many other factors too!!
There are 200+ factors for rankings in search engine and links is one of the best factors but it's not a sole factor.