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Full Version: Which skills to obtain before getting an entry level marketing job?
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I have some knowledge in marketing and it varies in several fields. Selling cheap shoes to old books etc. But I can't include that in my resume right.

So, I as wondering what skills do I need before getting an entry level marketing job? Are there any special requirements that recruiters look for? Or, special skills are for high level marketing jobs?
Only the recruiters can tell you whether they are looking for any special skills or not.

And yeah doing smalls jobs isn't much of a work and you can't include them in your resume but that gives you practical hands on experience alright. You may use them while your interview or even mention them (only if its utmostly needed) but don't emphasize it will look like bragging.

Entry level marketing jobs is just a term, it depends on what field or line of marketing you are getting into. As, in affiliate marketing you will need writing skills to write sales copies and what not's. And if you get into say running and tracking ad campaigns then it will more focused on analytics data, competition etc. I hope you are getting what I am trying to say here.
Basically for an entry level job you need nothing. In many cases the company's that hire you will teach you how to sell or handle their product or service.
The basic things required for an entry level marketing job is that you cannot be shy. You should be able to express yourself as you please and often when its needed. That's the one thing that is recommended.

The other tips and tactics the agency should teach you as you are a newbie.
Thanks for clearing it guys.