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Full Version: Should I buy Managed Wordpress Hosting?
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I know nothing about site. That be said I want to start a blog which is more or less about gardening and home grown plants that can be used as medicines and herbs.

I came across a hosting site which want me to pay $4 per month but it that case I have to manage and install wordpress all by my own and also do the updates by myself. Another package is wordpress managed hosting which is $7 per month. But in that case they will do all the things related to wordpress. Which one should I go for? As I said I know nothing about sites.
Okay, here is the basic. A site basically has two parts:
1. Are your files and folders. (in which your themes, templates, plugins, extension remain stored).
2. Is your database (Where your site data remains stored).

Now when you install any script such as wordpress. The script automatically asks for your database name and password and installs it. It really ins't much of a work. It just needs a click or two.

Many hosting providers provide just one click install for these softwares. Since they are selling Managed wordpress hosting so I am guessing that they won't be providing you one click install. In this case you have to download the wp script files from their website and upload it to your site via FTP (Filezilla recommended). Then run the script to install it via your site. Follow any tutorial you will do fine. Search for installing wordpress manually.

Coming to your dilemma. It basically depends on your taste and choice. If you are ready to learn a few things and two then I would say go for $4 package. It really isn't much of a work and once you do it. You might find it quite amusing. Managed wordpress hosting in my opinion are basically for lazy people who unnecessarily rely on others for everything.

Note: I am not telling you lazy. Its just my opinion.
I don't understand just read one or two pages about sites and their structures, that's it. Its not that hard. A few clicks only.
Okay, did some research. I think there are some hosts which provide softaculous to install these scripts.

I am going buy a host which provides it. Sorry for bothering you guys by this stupid question.
Don't be sorry. It happens to the best of us.