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Full Version: How to market a rebranded product?
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What would be your strategy to market old products which are rebranded?
Many things are factors here.

What was the product niche? What was the audience?

Does the audience still use the product or uses any newer different product?

How does this rebranded or relaunched product competes with its competitors?

Does this product type has any demand? If yes then how does it fit.

Knowing all these things are also not enough. In order to successfully market the product you also the have to know the correct mediums for your audience. And connect them well enough so they can make the purchase.
As already stated earlier many things are factor here.

Before doing anything just research for this that how it got marketed at the first time. And if anything gone wrong then what are those!!
The product at the first launch has a few affiliates who in return for commissions do all the promotion and sales.