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Full Version: Is this a good idea for a blog?
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If I write about my failures about how I lost my money in CPA marketing by doing it the wrong way. Will it work?

The blog title will be like how not to make money, or how to loose money, or what are your wrong doings?

I am new to writing stuff so I am asking as I have been told to write about passion and problems.
Yeah its wise that you write about your passion or problems. But that doesn't mean that people want to hear about your problems and failures. I am sure that you are writing these so that you can point your audience to right direction. The bad decisions you made so shall not be repeated.

But people mind doesn't work on the philosophy. What can work is if you write how you overcome all those problems and failures. No matter what happened how you succeeded in high adversity. People love to hear about these inspirational things.
Follow what Brian said.
Thanks for the suggestion guys.