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Full Version: Adding products to already existing ones
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So, we have a small forum for our herbal medicines which basically are from a company that we refer. Now, if I want to expand products then should I add only herbal medicines or add some more products. Because our site can be flexible.
I would suggest that instead of adding new type of products. Add some competition to the existing ones. See how its goes!!Tongue
Why would have a product from a single company in the first place? I am guessing its not a support forum.
In that niche there arn't many companies.
(04-25-2019, 04:42 AM)macaulead Wrote: [ -> ]In that niche there arn't many companies.

Even though if you don't have many companies still you should have looked for alternatives. Its not a good strategy at all.
To OP I say ts nothing to be worry about. Its just that, its not wise to put all the eggs in one basket theory.