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Full Version: Integrating a form or comment box in emails
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So, here is the thing. I want information from users so I have decided to embed a form in the emails.

The emails were gathered from the niche a while back but they are alive and live email addresses if that you want to know.

Now, my first choice is to put a comment box in the emails. I have tried it with some trial emails. But as it seems that everytime I do that I am unable to collect the data from the emails. Sometimes, the information get collapsed over each other and sometime its just unreadable.
Emails doesn't allow forms or comment boxes. If people would want information from users then they create surveys. It may take some effort or even help from a third party to create them but its the only legit way to gather information.

And by the way which emails service are you using?
Its a wonder that your ESP hasn't notified or closed your account already.
So, what are you guys suggesting now?