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Full Version: Putting content in one site or different sites
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If you are covering a field that includes more than two niches. Then what you will do? Would you put content in one site or would you put content in similar but separate sites?
I don't understand your position here. You said you are covering. Does that mean that they belong to a common or related niches? Or, are you covering them on your own accord? They doesn't really belong with each other.

A reporting correspondent can cover news (say sports, crime and real estate) all by his or her own. But that doesn't mean that those field are related or have some common ground.

Without knowing the exact circumstances. Its almost impossible to suggest you something.
The niches are herbal medicine and travel. Related but by distance.
In that case definitely separate sites.
(04-24-2019, 04:55 AM)mediadrug Wrote: [ -> ]In that case definitely separate sites.

Yeah, I am thinking the same. I have been reading about this and I have to come to this decision that I have to make two sites.
Well you should have though of it in the first place.