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Full Version: Visual or textual in sales page
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I have got two sales pages one is infographic which is pretty great and another is textual which is also great as the writer who wrote the copy is very persuasive. And many people will find it more trust worthy than the other. But here I am confused that which one to choose according to my knowledge each one of them bring a probable lot of clients.
I don't understand here. If you are sure that both of them are good and can or will bring clients and sales to your product then why can't you just use the both of them? Its easy that way. Use against whichever clientele they attract on their own.
Use both of them.
The fact is that I can't differentiate the audience. What do you guys suggest in regard to this?
Then do an experiment. Take turns and rotate the ad types. Closely evaluate which type of traffic works best for which one.