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Full Version: What is Google Chrome browser?
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Hello friends,

What is Google Chrome browser?
Google Chrome is the Internet browser currently the most used in the world, ahead of its competitors Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and Edge. Free, easy to use and fast, it is a very good browser for both beginners and seasoned users. Chrome is developed by the Google search giant.
A web browser is a software which is a graphical interface between a human being and the Internet: it provides access to the sites web .

The web browser connects to websites, downloads the elements of the web page (texts, images, sounds, videos etc ...) and displays them on the screen. With webmails , the browser also allows the user to view, manage, send and receive e-mail. As part of SaaS software , it is even now possible to run software via its browser.
chrome browser is a product of Google. It launched by Google and it uses a very large scale in the world. This is a very fast browser.