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Full Version: Content Marketing Strategy after the Panda Update
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Previous year many bloggers and content strategists were devastated after the Google's Panda Update. So, this year many webmasters are taking new strategies to pass through this Google's algorithm. What are basic points one should remember in case of planning a content strategy?
Here are some points that webmasters should avoid:

1. Content that has no value to the users.
2. Very thin content. Content that is insufficient.
3. Duplicated content.
4. Content which is not trendy or fresh according to the market. Content that is outdated.
5. Content that is intended to manipulate search engines such as keyword stuffed content, content that unnecessarily promote any product or service creating a backlink for them etc.
6. Irrelevant content. Content which is not all relevant to one's respective niche.

Here are some points that webmasters should follow:

1. Content that is thoroughly researched & provides deep insight of the topic with information and value to the users.
2. Images of the content must be self-explanatory.
3. Content which is optimized to its keywords such as right placement oh head, meta and body.
4. Content which is trendy at the time of its publication.
5. Content that creates engagement an social shares.
6. Your content must short, to the point yet descriptive.
7. Producing content which are how-to's or tutorial focused based on your own experiences are all a good idea.
In order to keep your site away from panda you must create content which is unique and also help actually to the viewers. If you are trying to build content only for traffic from the search engines then its not wise at all. Focus on content marketing.