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Full Version: Old article present, should I delete them?
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I have a blog which is about 5 years old. And its content hasn't been updated within last two years.

The blog had many good content. Around 20 articles that rank pretty well back then.

But now I am thinking about relaunching the blog. So, here is my question what should I do with the old articles? Should I delete them? For that will I face any kind of Google penalty?
The first question that will come here is those articles which your are talking about. Are they still rankings or over the time they have lost their importance??
Among them 14 are not getting any traffic. The rest are getting some.
(02-27-2019, 04:47 AM)satnam Wrote: [ -> ]Among them 14 are not getting any traffic. The rest are getting some.

Just redirect those articles which are getting traffic up until now. And for the rest if you need them then do the same as the articles which are getting traffic.

And send the rest to archives. Its not evident that you delete them.
Do not delete the old content. You can modify the content. Because already you are getting good traffic from those blog posts.
I agree. Don't delete them its just foolish. You can use them in many ways. Such as rewrite them, update them, archive them for display, redirect them if necessary.
Thanks for the advice guys.