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Full Version: Google Does Not Use CTR For Core Search Rankings
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Nope. Google Does Not Use CTR For Core Search Rankings

Quote:I am so so so tired of covering this topic, we've covered it for well over a dozen years and I just covered it a week or so ago. Google doesn't use CTR, click through data, to rank their search results. But of course, Google posted something that is driving huge confusion again around the topic.

Britney Muller from Moz found a new Google developer page from the Google Cloud team that says "For example, when you click a link in Google Search, Google considers your click when ranking that search result in future queries." She laughed and her being from Moz and all the Moz studies around how CTR influences the Google search results, she provided this as proof that Google does use CTR for ranking. I do not blame her, I blame Google.

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Hi, The discussion around whether Google utilizes click information, CTR, for center positioning won't bite the dust. Regardless of how frequently Google will inside and out say they don't utilize it, another ... Only fourteen days back, Google said that CTR for positioning is made up...
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