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Full Version: Suddenly sales copies are not working
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As I work on many projects at a time. So, I don't have much time spending in each of them.

I got a sales copy last month for a brand new product. It was getting pretty good click throughs and even sales. But since this month started it began to fall. I am new to the sales section. I mostly do the technical things.

So, is there anything I should do?
You know its a bit funny that your 'username' says 'UKcart' and you do technical things. Many people will just assume that you are from sales section.

Coming to your query. A single sales in never enough. We create, test, and then again create and compare with the first.
We repeat the comparing and testing process continuously. And also there is another fact that after some time no matter how good a sales copy is people become aware of it (or you might say bored) and it stops working. You are lucky in my opinion that you get sales for one entire month just from one single copy. Must be one hell of a writer.
As stated earlier your are lucky.

One copy is nothing. We make atleast 10 copies and available, & also 10 in backup.
Thanks for the replies. I spend some more in copies then.
(02-20-2019, 04:41 AM)UKcart Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the replies. I spend some more in copies then.

Hire the copy writer whom you hired the previous time. Tell him or her to write some more for you. Not just in one way but more than one way. You have to manipulate otherwise it won't help you.