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Full Version: Getting people to subscribe to your mailing list
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How to get people to subscribe to my mailing list? And also make sure that my mails have a high open rate.
Getting people to subscribe and they have high-open rate is a tough thing but its not impossible. The simplest way to do this is by creating a free ebook. You can provide a form in your site where you will ask for name and email address of your subscribers in order to get the download link of the ebook. So each time they download your ebook via the download link of your email you get a high open rate and also get their email addresses.
Nice trick but that's good to get a email list and high open rate for the first time. How can I get high open rate each time I send email?
In order to get that you must first build your genuine reputation & your brand.
Follow these tricks:
- Deliver exactly what you promise.
- Your product must have value and unique then others.
- Don't annoy your subscribers by mailing them too much.
- Use catchy head lines in your mails.
- Personify each and every mail.
- Ask them queries and interact with your subscribers.