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Full Version: Mailing format that will get you Conversions
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From the last couple of days I have been getting many requests about how to write an email that will get good conversion or about a general email structure which is good for marketing. So, I decided to write about it.

Email Marketing, if its done wisely then it can get you very good conversions & help to build your reputation and if its not then it can also destroy your reputation.

Here are some points:

1.Title- Title is very important for any email. Make it good & attractive. But remember in order to make your title catchy don't make any false statement which will be not relevant to your mail content.

2.Mail Length- Your mail open rate may be dependent on your title but your mail CTR will depend basically on the first view of your mail length. Don't make it short (one line or one sentence mail) & also don't make too huge by filling with unnecessary content that will definitely scare your end users.

3.Mail Structure- I personally prefer to divide the mails in three parts, you can also make a maximum length of three paragraphs or to minimum length of three sentences according to your need.

4.Mail Structure: First Part- Dedicate the first part to your clients. Tell them you appreciate their work, tell them how you found them and how you follow them. But remember I am telling to 'appreciate' them not to praise them or worship them. Value your own personality and voice also.

5.Mail Structure: Second Part- Tell them what is the purpose of yours to mail them. Show them kindly your proposal, request for what you need & don't force them in anyway.

6. Mail Structure: Third Part- Ask them politely about their feedbacks. Say them you will be expecting a return message from them. And, also thank them for their time.
Nice post admin.
I have a query regarding this, suppose I am offering a service to my new client then will this format apply there also?
limbo Wrote:Nice post admin.
I have a query regarding this, suppose I am offering a service to my new client then will this format apply there also?
Yeah, the basic structure will be the same just on the first part of your mail add some info regarding how you have come across your client along with the problems your client might have been facing(which your product can solve). Don't offer your product on the first part, do it in the second.
Very nice article admin.
Nice post admin. Thanks for the valuable post.
*Write a good subject line. ...
*Personalize your emails. ...
*Make your emails clear first and catchy second. ...
*Keep your subject line related to your copy. ...
*Keep it relevant. ...
*Write all of your email copy in the second person.
There are many ways that one can draft a mail to the client and therefore many permutations and combinations can come handy!

But there is a one golden rule that will never die~

1. Never be too formal or too casual. There are people who like formal mails, and the others who like casual mails. So it is better to be not too casual, not too formal kind, so as to be able to suffice both the types of people.

2. There should be 'Call to Action' within the mail as well.

3. The email content should be so great that - people get propelled to click on the links in the email which takes them to your site.

4. Have a consultation with a User Experience Designer. They know pretty much about how people interact. So make some 3-5 email templates with their guidance. THis will really help you in your cause.