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Full Version: Coming to Marketing from another field
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I started in content copywriting about 2 years from now. And I have done several works. So, now I have decided to come in product promotion and writing sales copies. As, I am totally new to Affiliate Marketing. Does anybody has to share anything with me? I will be very glad to hear some words of advice.
So, you haven't written sales copy but you have experience in writing jobs. Correct right?

I would suggest that write some sales copy's first and then see which one works out. Once you have got which is best. According to it, write some more sales copies and the repeat the process until you are satisfied or you meet your own goal. This field is all about practice and consistency.

Be patient, do some hard work and everything will work for you. And be over confident once you hit some success.
Start from the basic. Post your portfolio in Upwork and similar sites. Don't go looking for money, go looking for work that can actually challenge you to your limits.