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Full Version: 10 Legit Ways to Make Money Online
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Hi, guys! I compiled a list with legit ways to make money online.
1) Make money as a freelance writer
2) Make money as a Freelance Social Media Marketer
3) Make money as a freelance translator
4) Make money as an SEO Expert
5) Make money as an affiliate
6) Make money by blogging
7) Make money with Software
8) Data Entry From Home
9) Make money as an Influencer
10) Join a Remote Company

Also, I interviewed a bunch of people who make decent money with the described methods. Check what they say here - <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
10 legit ways to make money online:
1. Start Freelancing.
2. Be a Blogger.
3. Become a YouTuber.
4. Earn Through Mobile Apps.
5. Sell Photos Online.
6. Affiliate Marketing.
7. Earn Through Short Links.
8. Online Surveys.
9. Buy and Sell Domain Names.
10. Work-at-Home Companies.
[list=]Decide on a domain name. Make sure that it's memorable and catchy while instilling a deeper meaning to your readers. ...
Purchase, register and host your domain name. I love BlueHost. ...
Install WordPress. ...
Install a WordPress theme. ...
Add a few plugins. ...
Start blogging.[/list]