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Full Version: FB Ads vs Instagram Ads
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Which one will you prefer? If you are looking for a crowd that is of fashion and life-style related niche.
If you are targeting young population say teenagers and people within the limit of 30 years than I will say that go for Instagram Ads otherwise don't bother. FB Ads is the best.

Social media ads give marketers advanced audience targeting options and reliable conversion tracking. Facebook are Old many now Instagram is popular and different Features are update day by date . Many More People are Crazy For this.Instagram is steadily gaining popularity, especially with the heavy adoption of new features like Instagram Stories. Both are Social Media and same use in Soical marketing like Video sharing,Image ,Status Up date .
I think FB ads will be good because Facebook is one of the popular and widely used social media site.
Hold on to Instagram influencers first before you go invest in Fb ads.
I have been personally using some of social media marketing techniques and believe me there is nothing better than Facebook ads to promote your product. You can go live on FB, FB gives you insights option that contains every single data for your post that you posted earlier like google analytics. Facebook allows to post videos, infographics.. what more can u ask for?