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Full Version: Twitter Contest
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What is "Twitter Contest" and how to participate in this contest? I wnt to run twitter contest for my company. If it is possible please guide me..
A Twitter Contest is a simple way to engage Followers, convert them into email leads, and develop relationships to turn them into long term customers:
1. Choose a Contest Type
To start, you’ll need to choose what type of Twitter Contest is right for your marketing goals:

1. If your goal is to get new Twitter followers or increase your email list, then a simple Sweepstakes is best. It poses a low barrier to entry to entice more entrants.

2. If your goal is make immediate sales, then running a group deal or coupon will serve you best to get entrants buying right away.

3. If you are looking for more engagement, then user-generated content (ugc) contests, such as a photo, essay or video contest may serve you best.