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Full Version: Benefits of Email Marketing
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Can anybody what are the benefits of email marketing? When I try to mail my linkedin connection or facebook friends with my products they spam me. Then why everyone so obsessed with it?
Of-course they will spam you. You just cannot mail someone anonymously unless they have subscribed to you.

Benefits of Email Marketing, here it is:-

1. The first of all and the most important advantage of email marketing is that you will be mailing to those clients only who were actually interested in your product and/or services. So it increases the chance of conversion in huge.

2. It is less time consuming and also takes much less money then other traditional paid advertisements.

3. As the chance of conversion is high and also it takes less money so ROI becomes good.

4. Tracking your clients is very easy.

5. Personalized messages to your clients from you, creates a deeper bond between you and your end user. Increasing your trustworthiness and also shows your commitment towards them.

6. Not a single client but a whole lot or may be your entire client base can be targeted once at a time via email marketing.

7. Tracking their mood of action you can easily put forward the best product in which they might be interested.

8. Good Email Marketing increases your brand awareness in a tremendous way.