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Full Version: Can SEO really impact Conversions?
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Can SEO really impact Conversions? Don't you guys think that its a been over-saying statement.
SEO may be don't directly impact conversions but saying it has no impact it will be incorrect. There are several factors of SEO that can impact on a site's conversion such as loading speed, navigation system, mobile friendliness, providing security through https so that customers can easily take the leap of faith.
Directly no but indirectly yes. Most of the on-page optimization factors can impact conversion rate of the site.
You can have a worthless link profile. So you are buying targeted traffic to get conversions. Still in order to people to trust you need some of the on-page factors. So, yeah SEO may not impact conversions but still it effect it in some way.
Ask yourself this query that which factors of SEO can effect your conversions? The main elements you can think of is your answer.